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PBS Revises Export and Import Numbers… Exports up by 12.89% and Imports by 15.08% in AUG17 vs AUG16

The figures posted on the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics have been revised downward and now the exports for the month of August have been 1.86 billion dollars versus earlier figures of 2.069 billion dollars.
Since morning the reasons of sudden and significant jump was investigated what has happened why there has been a sudden rise of exports. Following number of queries placed with Pakistan Bureau Statistics asking them to revisit the data.

The figures have been rectified and now the exports for the month of August have been 1.866 billion dollars showing a jump of 12.89 percent compared with 1.653 billion dollars of August 2016. The imports numbers have also been corrected to 4.952 billion dollars from 5.492 billion dollars.

Following the incorrect numbers the trade deficit for August 2017 was 3.423 billion dollars now it has been reduced to 3.086 billion dollars.

Overall trade deficit in July and August has been amounted to 6.290 billion dollar which was up by 33.52 percent, while exports during the period under review rose 11.80 percent to 3.497 billion dollars while imports rose 24.85 percent to 9.787 billion dollars.

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