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MCB Arif Habib Savings launches first Alhamra Islamic Saving Centre in Peshawar

The management of MCB-Arif Habib Savings and Investments Limited (MCB-AH) has commemorated the launch of its first dedicated Alhamra Islamic Saving Centre in Peshawar.

An event of the Alhamra Islamic Saving Centre was held at Pearl Continental Hotel Peshawar, said a press release issued here on Wednesday. 

The event was attended by Adnan Humayyun Khan (General Manager at MCB Peshawar), President of Chamber of Commerce Peshawar, Senior Management of MCB-AH and that of Chamber of Commerce Peshawar, numerous industrialists, businessmen, and many prominent bankers. World renowned Shariah Advisor Dr. Muhammad Zubair Usmani spoke at the event and gave the audience relevant information to help them understand the full extent of Shariah compliant investments and savings as well as their benefits.

The speakers, Muhammmad Asim (Chief Investment Officer of MCB-AH) spoke about the performance of Pakistan’s Stock Market and the outlook in the coming years. He emphasized on how this is the best time to start investing. He also discussed Alhamra Islamic Active Allocation Plan II whose objective is to earn a potentially high return through active asset allocation among Shari'ah Compliant Islamic Schemes based on the Fund Manager's outlook of the asset classes.

Muhammad Saqib Saleem (CEO of MCB-AH) said “Alhamra Islamic Saving Centre, Peshawar is the first centre of many more to come. As an asset management company we wish to increase investor knowledge in Peshawar and help them better manage their savings.”

MCB-AH is committed to serve customers across all walks of life and across the country. The launch of a dedicated centre in Peshawar is a testament to that commitment.

Alhamra is the Islamic Division of MCB-AH which has various plans that allow customers to make Shariah compliant investments. MCB-AH is a result of a strategic merger between two leading asset management companies of the country, created in June 2011 when sponsors of Arif Habib Investments Limited and MCB Asset Management Company Limited decided to join hands. 

Carrying the trust of more than 70,000 retail investors, MCB-AH is one of the pioneers and innovators for many firsts, as Asset Manager, Investment Advisor and Pension Fund Manager, managing Open-end Schemes, Discretionary Portfolios and Pension Schemes amounting to over Rs.74.1 Billion (as on 30 June 2017).

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