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Investment in Clean Energy to reach $3 Billion; 2500 MW Energy Generation forecasted: CEO Alternate Energy Board

Amjad Ali, chief executive officer of Alternate Energy Board said by 2020 the investment in clean energy would reach 3 billion dollars and energy generation might reach 2500 Mega Watt.

Amjad Ali, while during a visit to Jhimpir said work on four new projects have been in the process and following completion nearly 400 MW generation would commence from solar power.

By 2019, he said total capacity from solar energy would nearly 822 MW. Total investment in solar power has been reached to 637 million dollars.

Through wind generation the capacity reaching 789 Mega Watt and by end 2018 capacity might reach 1240 MW. Till now nearly 448 wind turbines have been installed and in next few years nearly 265 new turbines would be added at Jhimpir

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