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‘Fate of FPCCI will be change in the coming elections of the Federation’

The Businessmen Panel (BMP) of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has termed the performance of United Business Group (UBG) highly disappointing and discouraging during the last three years and said that the fate of FPCCI will be change in the coming elections of the Federation.

The UBG leaders failed to honor their promises, walk their talk or resolve issued of the business community which has not only damaged the businessmen but also inflicted irreparable harm to the economy.

In a joint statement issued here today, the leaders of the Businessmen Panel of the FPCCI including its Secretary-General, Senator Haji Ghulam Ali, Mian Anjum Nisar, Ahmad Jawad, Mian Usman Zulfiqar and Sheikh Aslam said that UBG leaders has avoided the issues confronting business community and continued to please government for personal gains.

The leaders of the BMP said that Balochistan has gained prominence due to CPEC but their chambers of commerce and trade association of that province are subjected to exploitation. Even Balochistan based chambers have not awarded a single representation in the standing committees of the apex body which is unfortunate.

Till now the present management/ ruling group has not constructed the permanent regional offices of the FPCCI in the province of KPK and Balochistan, despite these two provinces have gaining sufficient importance. It was imperative that the FPCCI Presidents should look into it but continuously ignored. Regardless previous provincial governments had sanctioned plots to the apex body for the construction of the offices in the said provinces.

Similarly the funds of TDAP in the Muneer era which were supposed to be used for promotion of exports were mercilessly used to buy loyalties and all the rules and regulations are openly been violated to promote the blue-eyed.

In this regard many dishearten trade associations are planning to leave UBG, they said, adding that the business community of the country had enough to know the reality behind flowery statements and false slogans.

However, Chairman of the UBG Iftikhar Ali Malik and Patron in Chief SM Muneer have not even allowed elections in the group while promoting dictatorship which has resulted in heartburn, they added.

There is no manifesto of the UBG which suits the two who are at the helm, they have total control over all the matters in the FPCCI while the all last three Presidents were forced to dance on their tunes.

So far so, the appointment of any full-time secretary general in the FPCCI would not take place since last three years which is against rule and regulations of the federation, while a matriculate person has beaded the research and development department. They also said UBG took votes in the FPCCI election claiming a change but they failed to represent the business community as promised.

BMP Officials further claimed with the support of the business community, our first priority to bring the chambers of commerce of Balochistan and Sindh into the main stream, so that they utilize their due expertise to transform the economic indicators.

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