Corporate Alert: Treet Corporation’s Battery Project to start commercial production in November, 2017

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Treet Corporation released the progress report on “Lead Acid Battery” project. The particulars of the report are as such:

  1. Installation of plant & machinery is underway and trial run of different processes has already begun;
  2. Synchronized trial production will begin form 1st of October 2017;
  3. Commercial Production to commence from November, 2017
  4. Summary of status of the project:





Civil Work – Production


Production Hall accounts for 90% of the total construction area (i.e. including other civil works)

Civil Work – Other


Administrative Halls, Guest Rooms, Security Set-Up, Stores etc.

Installation of Machinery


Installation is under supervision of Korean Exports and other expatriates (from Italy, France and Taiwan etc)

Utilities/auxiliary Equipment


Own Grid Station (13MW) installation is under way. Backup generators are already installed. Electricity Connections (FESCO), Water and Gas connections and related supplies connected. Water treatment plant, Compressed Air, Boilers, Wet Scrubbers are under installation.

Procurement of machinery



Raw Material Procurement




The report can be accessed here.

Posted on: 2017-08-10T11:13:00+05:00

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