Sugar crisis looms over Karachi as supply remains suspended

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After power and electricity crisis has been plaguing the city, Karachiites are now bracing for the shortage of sugar as supply to the metropolis was suspended since the past four days.

According to details, a deadlock between the Sugar Mills Association and the government has resulted in the suspension of the delivery of sugar to Karachi since the past four days.

This has resulted in the prices of sugar to rise in the market which is benefiting the mafia controlling the supply of the product in the country.

In the wholesale market, the price of sugar has risen to Rs 54 per kilogram from Rs 49/kilogram. In retail the price has risen from Rs 58/kg to Rs 65/kg.

The Sugar Mills Association has demanded that sugar exports should be subsidized and the government should play its part in reducing the price of sugar cane.

Posted on: 2017-08-07T18:19:00+05:00

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