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Prime Minister addresses Council on Foreign Relations in New York

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi addressed the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), in New York earlier today on the sidelines of the 72nd UNGA session.

The Prime Minister highlighted the significant progress made by Pakistan in the economic and security domains. He said that Pakistan had rendered great sacrifices in the war on terror which needed to be acknowledged by the world.

The Government has successfully carried out indiscriminate military operations against the militants. The Government and people of Pakistan remain fully committed to rid the country of the menace of terrorism and extremism.

Pakistan's economy had registered positive growth rates due to the macroeconomic policies pursued by the present Government in the last four years. Investor confidence in Pakistan has been restored due to the economic recovery as well as the improved security situation in the country. A number of US companies were keen to invest in Pakistan. He encouraged other US companies to come to Pakistan and take advantage of the attractive business opportunities in the country.

The Prime Minister also briefed the audience on the current state of Pakistan's relations with the United States, Afghanistan and developments in the region.

He also responded to questions from the audience on a wide range of issues.

The event was attended by a capacity crowd of around 200 CFR members and others including academia, intelligentsia etc.

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