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Political turmoil may harm the economy – (APBF)

 The ‘All Pakistan Business Forum’ (APBF) has expressed its concerns about the possible negative economic impact of the current political conflict, if it prevails for an extended period of time. The association has urged the political forces of the nation to resolve their differences, to ensure peace, stability and economic growth in the country.

The President of APBF – Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi informed the media: “At this critical juncture, Pakistan has fortunately become the focal region for large-scale foreign investments. A historical trans-national initiative – China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) – worth over 55 Billion US Dollars is being built to revolutionize our economy. Therefore, Pakistan must ensure the most favorable environment for business-growth over the coming years. We cannot afford or allow any kind of political turmoil or adventurism, to shake the investors’ confidence.”

Pakistan desperately needs bold-decisions to accelerate progress on multiple internal and external fronts, especially increase in exports and decrease in imports. In case of prolonged political-unrest, the common man will be the biggest victim, while every segment of Pakistani citizens will have to bear the brunt.

Pakistan’s political forces need to avoid unnecessary confrontations and let the democratic process run smoothly, to enable transparent and peaceful General Elections, expected to be held in June 2018. This way the nation can choose their favorite, eligible and capable leadership to run the country”.

The former Federal Minister of Finance – Dr Hafiz Pasha had also stated during a recent forum that: “The ongoing political turmoil does not augur well for the economy, democracy and developmental-indicators in every sector”.

APBF is a vibrant business association which promotes and protects the interests of the business community and industries in Pakistan. Numerous leading entrepreneurs and business experts are a part of this vibrant association. It also advises the government on; policy formulation, regulatory realignments, economic reforms and implementation.

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