PAMA releases sales numbers for the month of June

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Automobile Sales decreased by 3percent year on year in June, closing the year for car sales at a growth (excluding the Rozgar Scheme sales). The major contributors came from heavy segment; trucks and tractors. Whereas, in the passenger segment, the markets were given impetus by HCAR and Wagon-R, HCAR sales comprised of 2,108 units of Civic and City, which are up 9percent year on year, and 756 units of BR-V. Pak Suzuki sales for June 17 totaled at 8,999 units, down 2percent year on year. Overall sales in Fiscal Year 2017 were strong with growth of 16percent Year on Year excluding the government sponsored Apna Rozgar Scheme; this was mainly driven by growth in sales of Wagon-R.

The sales of Indus Motors in Jun 2017 reached a total of 3,599 units down by 34percent year on year, whereas Corolla and Hilux sales lagged behind. However, the growth of Indus Motors came from Fortuner (up by 185percent) which has received an overwhelming from customers. Sales for Corolla declines month-on-month, total of 3009 units were sold in the year. Corolla also declined by 26percent for the month of June, which are the lowest monthly sales for the Corolla since July 2017.

Tractors have been the talking point in the automobile sales category for the last year. The increase has been attributed to the rising agricultural output, Government incentives and reduction in GST. The total number of tractors sold in the year 2017 stood at 54,361 units which were up by 61percent. The sales volumes were led by Millat Tractors Limited MTL totaling at 34,491percent up by 63percent year on year. Whereas, total sales for Al-Ghazi Tractors amounted to at 19,833 units up by 55percent year on year. 

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