Pak-Thailand FTA talk’s 8th round from Aug 21

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Eighth round of talks between Pakistan and Thailand will be held here from August 21 to 23 to reach a final decision on Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

Both sides had exchanged the offer lists of items for free trade, including automobile and textile sectors for removing the reservations of both sectors, a senior official of Ministry of Commerce Wednesday said.

During the 8th round, he said, talks would be held on the text of agreement, tariff reduction modalities, request lists from both side and offer lists. The FTA would be signed on September 25, for enhancing the bilateral trade between two countries. The official said Thailand had comparative advantage in around 1000 commodities, chiefly electrical and electronic appliances, machinery and components and automobiles and parts.

He added that similarly Pakistan had relative advantages in some 684 commodities including cotton yarn and woven textiles, readymade garments, leather products, surgical instruments and sports goods.

Talking about the FTA with China, the official said negotiations on Phase-II of the FTA with China would be held from September 13 to 14 in China headed by Secretary Commerce Younas Dhaga. He, however, added that Pakistan was desirous to have duty relaxation on 45 products before launching the phase-II. “We demanded unilateral relaxation on 45 different products for coming three years before signing Phase-II of FTA.” the official said.

Replying to question, he said that Pakistan wanted relaxation on these products to protect the local market and ensure competitiveness.

Posted on: 2017-08-17T10:39:00+05:00


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