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National Bank of Pakistan Conducts Awareness Session on Gender Disparity and Harassment at Work

In line with its vision of promoting equality, National bank of Pakistan (NBP) recently conducted an awareness session on issues regarding discrimination, gender disparity, harassment and intimation at work. Under this productive session, Saeed Ahmad, President and CEO, NBP encouraged and promoted the incorporation of a healthy and competitive corporate culture for ladies working at NBP.

The program was attended by a large number of women officers and executives from various branches of the bank across Pakistan. While inaugurating the training session, Saeed Ahmed, President and CEO, NBP highlighted the significance of gender equality, trust & professionalism along with integrity in order to create an ideal working environment.

Speaking on the occasion, Saeed Ahmed, President and CEO, NBP, said: “No nation can ever be worthy of its existence if it cannot take its women along with the men. Knowing one’s rights & obligations is our prime responsibility, especially in an office environment where women work side by side with men at all levels. Hence, the understanding of personal and professional Limits is a must. At NBP, women will be respected for their professional contributions and we have no tolerance for discrimination, gender disparity harassment and intimidation.

Female workers must handle any incompatible situation wisely and inform their supervisors about any undesirable behavior by a male colleague to the management. In all of his town hall meetings, the president has conveyed a message to all officers and senior management members to create an enabling environment for female staff so that they can make advancements in their career. He said that for young mothers with small children who are not able to arrange child care during office hours, there should be nurseries at work place. He had initiated this while he was at State Bank of Pakistan where he took special interest in this arrangement.

President also advised Mr. Ansar, Director of Training to arrange awareness session of male staff particularly to make them aware that any indecent behavior towards female colleague will be dealt severely. Enhancing this understanding will lead NBP to create an ideal working environment in the organization which would be a remarkable achievement, he further added.

Moreover, the Group Chief-HRMG, Group Head, Islamic Banking Group, and Regional Head Karachi were also present at the inaugural session to further train and boost employee morale of the female staff of NBP.

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