Currency Update: U.S. Dollar Tumbles

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Dollar Index Spot down by 0.45% today as political knot continues to tangle between North Korea and United States. The United States President Donald Trump has warned North Korea of trying to destabilize the region with ICBM tests.

South Korea yesterday warned that North Korea may have increased its capabilities in its ability to deliver Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles, tipping off US. The US along with its warning was met with a Russian reply of situation worsening if US decides to go against Korean hermit state.

Unfolding of political events and Euro strengthening has made investors look for save investment in safe avenues. Gold Prices have continued the trend upward as the prices for Gold continues to gain,

The gold price in domestic markets has risen by Rs. 1,250 per Tola. The current price of yellow metal now reached Rs. 52,650 per Tola.

Posted on: 2017-09-08T12:24:00+05:00


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