Corporate Alert: K-Electric approves development of 900MW RLNG Plant at Bin Qasim Power Station Complex (BQPS-III)

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In a notice informing stakeholders, K-Electric has informed that during the last board meeting held at 09th August 2017, Board of Directors have approved development of 900MW (2-450MW) RLNG based Combined Cycle Power Plant at Bin Qasim Power Station Complex (BPQS – III) subject to completion of all statutory & regulatory requirements and corporate & commercial actions.

However, the company noted that while it has approved the project in principle, the project is dependent on the review petition pending with NEPRA regarding the MYT Multi Year Tariff determination 2017.

The complete notice can be accessed here.

Posted on: 2017-08-10T10:07:00+05:00

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